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The Animal Libraries Network connects private and public libraries that deal with animals, the environment, and vegetarianism. We bring together interested parties and facilitate research on these topics for students and media professionals.

The networking project is managed by the Foundation for Animals in Law (TIR), whose library contains over 20,000 books, essays and films on animals in law, ethics and society.

Participating Libraries and Collections

TIR Library


📍 DE / Döbeln
In the animal liberation archive, materials from and about the animal rights and animal liberation movement are collected, sorted and archived. For this purpose, the project is divided into two main working areas – the archive and the specialized library. In addition, in the so-called laboratory area, the project tries to create its own offers for the animal movements, to initiate projects, to organize events and to publish content.

Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society

📍 DE / Munich
The Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society (RCC) is an international, interdisciplinary center for research and education in the environmental humanities and social sciences.
A nonprofit institution, the RCC was founded in 2009 as a joint initiative of Munich’s Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität and the Deutsches Museum, with the generous support of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

Archives of Rural History (ARH)

📍 CH / Bern
The Archives of Rural History (ARH) are collecting and indexing sources and conducting historical research. Information on archival holdings, persons and institutions are accessible via our online portals. Sources documenting human-animal interactions are also accessible via our photo portal and the film portal, which we operate together with the European Rural History Film Association (ERHFA).

Stiftung Bündnis
Mensch & Tier

📍 DE / Bremen
The Stiftung Bündnis Mensch & Tier offers on their website German-language specialist literature on the topics of animal and species protection, and human-animal relations. Free downloads are available on species-specific basic information, species-appropriate animal husbandry and the animal-friendly use of animals. The library provides numerous essays and studies by renowned scientists and experts, including the following topics: animal welfare, ethics of the human-animal relationship, animal husbandry, animal-assisted intervention, network encounter farms, species protection, pets, and farm animals, and includes interesting and helpful book recommendations. In the store, you will find the a series of publications on the human-animal relationship: study reports, species-specific publications on pets and farm animals, network encounter yards as well as non-fiction and reference books. Films concerning human-animal relationships can be viewed here.

NC State University Library

📍 US / Raleigh
The Special Collections Research Center at NC State University Libraries in Raleigh, North Carolina, builds unique collections that document historical and contemporary aspects of fields of study that are strengths for NC State University, including materials relating to the history of animal protection. These materials document the social, cultural, legislative, political, and intellectual history of animal welfare & animal rights and animal studies more broadly. For more information about our current grant-funded digitization project in this collecting area, please see our press release and visit our project page. Researchers interested in accessing our collections should contact us at or via our web portal here.


📍 CH / Zurich
Tierschnipsel is a private collection of image and text documents from 1700 to 1950 on the history of animal welfare and vegetarianism. As the name implies, in addition to books and articles, there are also smaller newspaper clippings, notes and ephemera (trading cards, advertising stamps, etc.). In addition, the collection contains about 1000 postcards and period pieces on the human-animal relationship, with a focus on horses and farm animals.

A website for the collection is under construction. Individual excerpts can already be viewed here.


📍 US / Olympia
Faunalytics provides the world’s biggest library of research about animal issues and animal advocacy. The Faunalytics Library is completely free, and houses summaries of over 4,000 peer-reviewed research articles, public opinion surveys, and blog posts offering deep analysis on every animal issue you can think of. It’s the world’s biggest collection of opinion and behavior research about animal issues, and it’s presented with an emphasis on effectiveness, readability, and useability.

📍 CH / Zurich
The website of the Fish Welfare Competence Center provides new scientific findings and basics on species-appropriate fish keeping and fish welfare, especially on the cognitive abilities of fish.

Selected studies are available in the online library, as well as articles from Fischwissen, book tips and brochures.


📍 CH / Zurich
The fair-fish database provides knowledge about the welfare of fish in aquaculture and fisheries. The aim is to provide a behavioral profile and animal welfare criteria for edible fish species. If conditions such as freedom of movement in the farm do not match what a fish species finds in nature, it receives poor rates. Around 2 trillion fish are caught worldwide every year. fair-fish is committed to reducing the suffering of fish in fisheries. The fair-fish database will therefore also include more and more wild-caught species.

Horse Museum

📍 DE / Verden

The Hippological Library of the German Horse Museum has a special equine science collection. In addition to historically significant works from the 16th century onwards, it also presents more up-to-date specialist books on the subject of horses. The library offers a wide selection of books and journals on all areas of equine science to both scientifically oriented people and those with a general interest in horses.
The total holdings amount to around 20,000 media units, more than half of which are already catalogued online. The online catalog is constantly being revised, updated and expanded.
The collection of the German Horse Museum also includes an extensive historical photo archive on the following topics, among others: Equestrian sports, horse breeding and stud farms, gallop racing, individual breeds and horse awards as well as personalities from equestrian sport and riding from 1900 to around 1990. The photo archive thus documents an important piece of cultural and contemporary history.


The Animal Libraries Network is managed by the Foundation for the Animal in Law (TIR).

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